Sixty and Me

I haven’t been writing in this blog lately because I have the opportunity to contribute articles to an online magazine called Sixty and Me (  Its meant for women over sixty, with great info on lifestyle, health, fashion, dating, mindset–its really fun to write for, since the magazine has 500,000  followers!   It was founded […]

Silent Retreat (click on this title to view entire post)

Recently I attended a week long contemplative silent retreat in Massachusetts, led by one of my personal gurus, Jack Kornfield.  Jack is a mesmerizing storyteller.  I was particularly struck by a true story he told of an existing African tribe.  If a member of the tribe does something wrong, the result is this:  The tribe […]

from Sheri–SPIRITUALITY –personal (click on title to view entire post)

Like many, I have spent my life as a spiritual seeker.  Its still a journey, but I have discovered a vast amount that I do not know.  I know nothing of heaven or hell, of deities or karma or fate.  I don’t know what our human purpose is, why we are here, or how it […]