Bubby and Stella’s Road Trip 2019

On a rainy September afternoon, nine-year-old Stella and I headed gleefully to Ohio for our first ever Bubby/Stella road trip.  We had already discussed the most important road trip rule–there are no rules!  First test case was when she asked to stop at a gas station for candy, and chose a king-sized kit kat bar! […]

A Time For Self-Reflection

On this fresh, cool, sun-dappled morning, I feel washed clean, full of clarity and determined to make some needed changes in my post-60 life. A Spiritual Experience This state of mind came to me through some tough work over the past 10 days. I am just emerging from a time of spiritual self-reflection as part […]

Our Shadow Side

A few years ago, an older, well-dressed woman walked into my therapy office. She seemed agitated. Nervously, she told me that she was unable to eat or sleep because she was troubled by sexual fantasies about her best friend’s husband. Not a word or action had ever passed between them, but for the past six […]

Our Life’s Purpose

Our life’s worth. Value. Purpose. Maybe that conjures images of grandeur, of heroism, of large impact. But I know the worth of a life can also be found in quiet ways, small moments, simple gestures. This article is not for our warrior sisters fighting daily for human rights on local or global scales, or even […]

Failure Feelings

I sat bolt upright in the middle of the night and suddenly felt I was drowning in my own inadequacies. From different corners of my mind I was hearing, Lazy! Weak! Running out of money! A life devoted to my family suddenly felt like enmeshment and enabling. My quiet spiritual days spent in Nature felt […]

Why Backpack?

Have you ever had the urge to enter the wilderness with a backpack, but dismissed it as an impossibly silly dream, because you felt too old and out of shape? I am here to tell you that you can do it! You don’t need to be young, thin, athletic or tough. Here is my story. […]

Radical Acceptance

Oh, how we wish for things to be different. Our bodies strong and healthy and (preferably) slim. Our children stable and successful, our grandchildren happy and thriving. Loved ones alive, and healthy. Our marriages deeply loving, or else wishing for that elusive man to complete us. Plenty of money in savings. Hahahahaha is what I […]

Our Inner Goddesses

I am a typical earth mother, nurturing, a good listener, a therapist and a caregiver. In contrast, my close friend marches on Washington, travels to third world countries to fight for the preservation of environment, and has tied herself to a tree to protest corporate greed. Another friend is always beautifully dressed, loves fine wine, […]

Ups And Downs

As the Buddhists say, “pain and pleasure, praise and blame, loss and gain are the natural waves of being human.” Just sitting quietly in a wicker rocker in the sunshine, I am pulled up and down by text messages, phone calls and the fluctuations in my own mind. In a fascinating new study by Emodiversity […]

More Meditation

I sit on my living room floor, in front of the fire, after my morning tea. This is my time, time to slow my breath, relax my body, and just be present. This is my way of soothing my brain and releasing the tension in my body. Nothing fancy, nothing strange, this is mindfulness meditation […]